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SF Chronicle puts Los Pilares on Top 100 list2012-12-06

We’re very proud to be included in the San Francisco Chronicle’s list of top 100 wines for 2012. Together they combine bright berry flavors with a savory, carefree side; think oregano and rye seed. Read More  

Los Pilares on Fox 5 San Diego2012-07-31

See Michael’s appearance on Fox 5 San Diego’s segment “Meet the Winemaker Next Door” On how Los Pilares came about: I came back from living abroad for many years, and I used to like California Wine. I came back and it tasted like Alcohol, Wood and Fruit. It was just over-done and it was like you…Read More

SF Chronicle: A crop of new, noteworthy California wineries2012-07-30

Michael Christian and his three partners are determined to make a case for San Diego. Read More

Our mention in SF Chronicle “5 more themes for California wine”2012-07-13

Wines like Los Pilares are help making the case for local wine up and down the state. Read More

Alice Feiring’s interview of Michael2012-03-15

So far, I’ve interviewed more ‘veteran’ American winemakers in this series, but I started to think, a new winemaker from a new region.  That could be interesting.  Recently I wrote up my experience with a bottle from San Diego, Los Pilares and thought his experience could be enlightening, a new winemaker and a yet to be discovered…Read More

A review of Los Pilares on Do Bianchi

Los Pilares: Not so Natural but delicious in San Diego (it’s a small world after all) it’s a world of laughter, a world or tears it’s a world of hopes, it’s a world of fear there’s so much that we share that it’s time we’re aware it’s a small world after all I used to…Read More

Winechix recent Post2012-03-10

I love finding small lot wineries that seem to be doing all the right things.  Today’s find takes me close to home in San Diego County. Los Pilares is four co-conspirators in love with the winemaking potential of San Diego. … Read More

Southern Promise: Challenging San Diego’s beer supremacy

San Diego is a brewers’ county. From stalwarts like Stone to new outfits like Prohibition Brewing Co., the area is awash in alcohol made from fermented barley and other grains. But we were recently reminded that there are also grapes in them there hills, and newcomers Los Pilares have proven that delicious alcohol can be made with the local vinous…Read More

New California Distributor for Los Pilares2012-02-28

New California Distributor for Los Pilares

Alice Feiring’s review of Los Pilares2012-02-24

  Check out what world renown wine reviewer Alice Feiring has to say about Los Pilares. Read Here